Friday, January 4, 2013

Gestational Diabetes and Paleo

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all! If your Holiday Season was busy like it was for our family, then you are still cleaning up from Christmas, putting things away, and trying to get back to 'normal.' We had a successful vacation with the boys and were able to see all of our families from Santa Barbara to San Diego. I am always apprehensive on how it will be to travel with our 2 young boys. (Wait...three boys...we brought our dog, D-Bo along too.) Fortunately, they had an amazing time and did well adjusting to all the new places!

However great the trip, I always love coming back home. I am a creature of habit, that is for sure. I love routine, schedules, organization, and planning. So we are home, getting things back in order and getting things ready for our new little boy coming in March!

Since we are about 2 months out, we are going to our midwife every 2 weeks to check on me and the little one. Over the holidays we also did our glucose testing. I mentioned in an earlier post that my midwife doesn't do the sugar drink method to test my glucose levels (which I love!). She came to my house, took my blood reading before I ate for the day, then returned 2 hours later to test it again. I passed with flying colors! I know that some people have other experiences with gestational diabetes, and I'm not saying that eating paleo is going to fix that everytime...but my personal opinion ... if diabetes is a concern, read up on it and try it.

I have a close friend that had gestational diabetes, while pregnant with her son, about 2 years ago. Her and her husband weren't a paleo family, however after her glucose test, and re-test, her doctor said that she needed to control her sugar-levels with her diet. If she was unable to keep them certain a certin number (i'm not sure what that number was), then she would have to be put on medication.

She, like me, doesn't like putting medication in her body. She didn't want to take the pills. So cold-turkey she cut out all carbs. I mean all, including fruit. She basically ate broccoli and brocolli as much as she wanted. She was able to manage it with diet and come very close to the blood-sugar levels that the doctor indicated. She did it for her baby and herself. Her boy was and is a very healthy 18 month old now. Its crazy the motivation you get when it comes to your children's health.

I remind myself of her dedication constantly while I'm searching for something to eat (which is getting more and more and more often since this baby is a growin!). Eat healthy so my baby will be healthy. That is my new year's resolution...We will continue to be a Paleo Eating Family for 2013!

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