Thursday, December 27, 2012

Glucose Test - AKA The Icky Orange Drink

So its about that time. I'm scheduling the glucose test that pregnant ladies take to check if they've acquired gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. This is something that I have been a little nervous about, since I read that eating paleo actually can skew the results of this test. I'm not sure the exact details and chemistry involved in everything, but when I was reading paleo pregnancy blogs at 5 weeks pregnant, I read a couple times (not sure the validity of course) that since paleo eaters eat such a low amount of sugar, drinking that sugary drink will spike your glucose levels significantly. So I read suggestions to carbo-load a couple days before the test so that you don't have to go through the trouble of returning back for the extra long re-test to prove you don't have gestational diabetes. What a pain.

So I got some good news at my last appointment with my mid-wife. I don't have to drink the orange drink!!! This is her reasoning...what good does drinking a super-sugary drink tell you about how you eat and how your body responds to sugar on a daily basis? I love this lady. So simple and true. So instead I get to go in before I eat breakfast to give a blood test. Then she send me home to eat what i would NORMALLY eat for breakfast (probably am going to predict that is going to be eggs...not an orange sugar drink). Then I come back and she tests me again. It makes much more sense to see how your body responds to normal food.

I just wish that everyone could have the option (especially my fellow paleo eaters out there) of testing this way. I know there are a ton of reasons for both sides and why some doctors do things the way they do, but either way...I'm just glad I don't have to worry about it this time around. Whew.

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