Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pregnant and Paleo

So this isn't Cindy...it would be a surprise to many of you if it was and she was the one expecting...for the 6th time. It's her sister, Kim and my husband and I are expecting child #3 in March. This will be the first pregnancy since I have gone paleo. My pregnancy has become our new little experiment. There will probably be many posts in the next couple of months regarding my quest to maintain my paleo lifestyle while growing a little one in my belly.
So this much I can tell you so far... If you are going to get pregnant or already are...eat paleo. I still consider myself a paleo 'newbie.' I started in February of this year (2012) and found out we were pregnant in July. So with a couple months under my belt I already knew it was something I would follow for life. It wasn't a diet for me...but a lifestyle change. When we just found the good news, I researched like crazy for paleo pregnancies and how it all works. Were there things and nutrients I was missing out on? Was I hurting my baby? I'll save you the time I took researching and just let you in on the Answer...absolutely not.
Top reasons I stayed on my paleo diet while pregnant:
  • So much more energy than my other pregnancies.
  • My hormones are actually 'normal' - Those nights I have a little too much popcorn (one of the non-paleo salty cravings I do still indulge in once in awhile.) I wake up cranky, with a headache, and crying about something. Eating paleo makes me feel normal and sane. (And my husband stays happy too...a must!)
  • They tell you to eat good food while you're pregnant. Duh - that's paleo. All the blogs and apps that give you daily and weekly pregnancy updates on what you should be eating...they all say eat veggies, fruit, proteins for your vitamins. Stay away from excess processed sugar - check. Increase your DHA with avocados, walnuts and wild-caught salmon. Hmm...Sounds like a paleo meal I make on a Friday. Everything that you think you are missing from whole grains, you are getting from the vitamins in veggies, fruits, nuts, and meats.
So I'm 19 weeks pregnant now. I feel amazing with tons of energy. I'm glad too since we are getting into my favorite season where the boys and I can get outside to play!!!
Pumpkin Patch Adventure last week with me and the boys.
Nap time is over, so my writing time is done for today. More random pregnancy thoughts will come soon I'm sure...

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