Monday, October 29, 2012

Kids - They are What They Eat

It has definitely been a journey so far with introducing my sons to the paleo way of eating. I would second guess myself CONSTANTLY. And then there were those weeks that I realize they are back to eating pretzels and graham crackers for snacks since it is easy and cheap. Those were the weeks Jacob, my now 4 year old, tantrumed constantly throughout the day. I'd chalk it up to a coincidence each time. I'd get my paleo kick back and prep all the foods and snacks throughout the week, having carrots, broccoli, apples, bananas...all ready for them to munch on throughout the day. Those Paleo weeks...did they just HAPPEN to be the weeks my son shared with his 2 year old brother, was super focused (actually responding to me when I said his name...literally it takes 15 times and physically moving his head to get his attention on some occasions. Well not some occasions...the non-paleo occasions, to be more specific), and was an all around complete angel? I had to have my sister talk some sense into me...nope...not a coincidence at all.

It's plain hard to change a 3 old's olds eating habits. When they grow up LOVING, and i mean LOVING graham crackers dipped in milk as a special snack, it is hard to take that away. You feel guilty like you are taking away their teddy bear they've had since they've been a baby. Its all in our minds, Moms. I passed up graham crackers in the supermarket one of the first weeks we started paleo with the kids. Jacob asked for them a couple of times the first week. I showed him we didn't have any. Not much he could do really. He might have thrown a fit or two that week, but then he saw the big bowl of fruit on our counter. He realized he could just pick anyone he wanted...any time of the day...and I'd say yes. Woh. That was cool. Week 2 of no graham crackers; he totally forgot about them.

I seriously thought it would be harder than cleaning out the pantry. But the hardest part was getting myself out of my own head. It all boils down to the simple fact, Kids will eat if they are hungry. So when they are hungry, if you have actual food around and not the sugar-filled, boxed, chemically altered snacks...then you may just realize how awesome your little one can be when they feel good too. I have witnessed first hand with myself and my kids....we are what we eat.

- Jacob, my 4 year old, eating his new favorite dinner...chicken wrapped in spinach leaf "blankets."

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