Sunday, February 24, 2013

Buy In Bulk!

It is harder to come by sales and coupons for PALEO foods: Fresh and unprocessed. But, that does not mean you have to always pay a premium price. Look at the price per pound in BULK.

1. Know what you pay. I keep a mental list of how much I will pay per pound (or per ounce) for most foods. If you can't remember off the top of your head, write it down!! 

Mine goes a little like this:

Whole chicken - $.99 per lb. 
Chicken breasts - &1.99 per lb.
Ground Beef - $3.00 per lb.
Pork - $1.69 per lb.
Bacon - $3.00 per lb.
Almonds - $3.50 per lb
Almond Flour - $4.00 per lb.
Eggs - $1.50 per dozen

2. Consider what is important to you. You may want to eat only organic. You may want to eat only grass-fed beef. You may want Omega-3 enriched eggs. You may just want a healthier lifestyle but need to save money everywhere you are able. Paleo shopping CAN be very expensive - so if this is an issue for your family you must make some choices. In my own household, we have a limited food budget for 5 children and 2 adults. So I, for example, choose to spend more on certain items but not buy grass-fed beef. You do NOT have to throw out the Paleo lifestyle if you cannot afford $7.00 for a pound of beef!

3. Look around. Once you know what you pay, you will find deals in different places. Check online marketplaces for things like oil, nut flours, and spices. Browse the mid-week Grocery Store fliers for unexpected price cuts. Find the clearance section of your favorite grocery store for quick sale items.

4. Buy BIG! Now that you know what you want AND you know what to spend, you are ready to SAVE BIG. All of a sudden, one day you will see chicken on sale for $.67 per pound. This is when you Buy BIG and fill your freezer with 3 months worth of chicken. Stock your freezer and your pantry with the Paleo foods you see for LESS than what you normally pay. 

We are buying tons of fruits and vegetables and, unfortunately, they will only last for a week or so. Buy in BULK any foods that can be frozen or stored in the pantry. When you print off yourFamily Style Paleo Shopping List, you may be able to check off most of your list items that are already in your pantry and freezer! Then you only have to shop for those fresh foods each week.

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