Monday, November 26, 2012

Octopus Hotdogs

So we survived another birthday party this past weekend. My 2nd son, Ellis, turned 2 on Sunday. He knew he wanted a Nemo birthday party, so we made it happen for him. Complete with a paleo lunch that was right up his alley...Octopus Hotdogs!

It was really a fun twist ... and my kids favorite lunch, actually. We served all these kids these fun little sea creatures and the adults had their choice of Italian Sausage. On the side we had onions and peppers saute'd in a tomato sauce, which is also one of Ellis' favorites. (Which is weird when a kid asks for onions and peppers constantly...but its his fav! A good one to have since its a staple over here). As you may have figured, an octopus hotdog is very simple to make...but none the less, the recipe is below.

Octopus Hotdogs

1-6 (preferably (preferrably no added nitrates)
2 raisins per hotdog

Instructions: Cook the hotdog however you please. I like them boiled, but I know some like to microwave due to the quickness factor. Begin to slice hot dog length-wise, but leave the last 2 inches in tact. Cut this same way until the hotdog has 8 legs. Spread onto a plate. Add 2 raisin eyes by either making them stick on their own, or add tooth picks (but please remember to remove before eating. That wouldn't be tasty). Enjoy!
These would be great for any kind of under sea themed party for kids. Loved the idea and I hope you do too!

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